The 4th Medal In Olympics!!

August 24
16:50 2016

olyMany of us doesn’t knew that, there is fourth Medal in Olympics other than prestigious Gold, Silver and Bronze. There is one more 4th Medal in this event, which is very tough to achieve it. This medal is more valuable than Gold you earn in Olympics. Do you know that? It is give you more difficulties to win it in this Olympics, In fact you can’t even imagine to win it.

To win this you just don’t have to be good at your sports but you should be more than that, on top of it is rewarded for your sportsman spirit and your attitude towards your opponents as well. This is truly tough struggle to achieve such medal in this prestigious event.

Do you know they won’t give every Olympic event; it only will be rewarded when committee feels that, who truly deserves it. It is inaugurated in 1964; first medal was a posthumous award. It was just given 17 times before Rio Olympics 2016.

This medal was created in the memory of Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin, a French educator, and historian, most importantly the founder of the International Olympic Committee. This is why it’s called Pierre de Coubertin medal.

It’s very unique; it will be only given for posthumously too, where any player can win Gold, Silver and Bronze but they cannot own this with their sports talent but this will be getting only through their attitude and sportsman spirit.


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