Nude Pictures of Donald Trump’s Wife published

August 01
23:36 2016

Nude-Pictures-of-Donald-TruNew York Post stunned the whole World by publishing the nude pictures of Melania Trump (W/O US Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump) shot during her modeling days in the 90s. The tabloid published a nude pic on the front page of Sunday issue with the quote, ‘You’ve Never Seen A Potential First Lady Like This’. She was wearing nothing except for high heels and its racy to say the least.

Melania Trump posed nude for the photo shoot of French Men’s Magazine at Manhattan pin 1995. French Celebrity Photographer Ale de Basseville has captures the best bare body moments of the Model who was 25-Years-Old then. ‘Melania was great. She have a fantastic personality and was very kind with Me,’ says the Lensman.

When asked for his take on the nude pictures, Donald Trump said that photo shoot happened even before he met Melania and such pictures were quite common.

Donald Trump met Melania during the New York Fashion Week party in 1998. They tied the knot in 2005.

Trump’s Advisor Jason Miller described the Nude Pictures of Melania as the celebration of human body of a beautiful woman and there’s nothing to feel embarrassed.


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