Mega brother likes to join Jana Sena!

January 29
18:59 2017

mega-brothersMega brother Naga Babu revealed his interest in working for Jana Sena in a recent Interview. When asked about contesting in elections for 2019, he said that he received a couple of offers from some parties and he is not interested in joining any of them.

He further expressed his interest in joining Jana Sena party if Pawan Kalyan welcomes him or else he himself will ask Pawan Kalyan to extend his services to the party. He even added that he wants to work with Pawan Kalyan as he likes to be part of good work of his brother and not for any political benefits.

On the other hand, he further said that as a common man he wants to vote for Pawan Kalyan in next election because Pawan is the only person who is good human being, honest, helping nature, Unselfish and has more knowledge about politics.

Thus Naga Babu expressed his wish to join Jana Sena party and extend his services to the party.


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