A drop of effort from everybody will make a big difference: Rekha Rana

January 20
15:34 2017

By Maheshuni Laxmaiah Netha

It takes years perhaps decades for even star heroines to make it to Oscar or any international award. But, for Rekha Rana, it was a short sprint to receive the accolades on international platforms. This former miss Delhi has received 18 international awards as Best Actress from several institutions in India and abroad. Her Tara movie won 71 international awards at 49 international film festivals. This speaks volumes about Rekha.
Rekha Rana, an Oscar nominated and recipient of several international awards, was in Hyderabad as part of a promotional activity for her latest movie ‘Yahan Amina Bikti Hain,’ which has been nominated for Academy award in the best foreign language film category. The movie was based on a real story of Hyderabad-based 15-year-old girl Amina, who was sold to a 70-year-old Arab Sheikh in the name of nikah. Kumar Raj directed Amina movie on Kumar Raj Productions banner.
During her two-day visit to the City of Charminar, Rekha Rana shared her views and plans as an actor with Express News agency.
Rekha said: “Shooting on Amina movie is over and this is promotion for the Academy award nomination. 24th of this month, final list is coming. Amina movie has been made its entry from the Central African Country Cameroon in best foreign language film category for the upcoming Oscar awards.”

Rekha’s previous movie Tara: The Journey of Love & Passion was made an entry for Oscar nomination from Togo in Africa.

“Amina is my second movie for Oscar nominations. The woman-oriented movie based on real story has been well received at several movie festivals. I just completed another movie titled ‘Black September,’ which was shot in a single take. And there were no cuts. Hemanth Nimil Das from Kolkata directed the movie.
“I played the role of a South Indian superstar. The movie may hit theatres very soon. I am also eager to see the response from the audience,” adds Rekha.
Right from childhood, Rekha dreamt of becoming an actress. After completing the course in theatre plays and started working as a theatre artist in Mumbai. She worked with Dinesh Thakur. So far, Rekha performed in over 200 theatre shows with his production. Rekha graduated from the Delhi College of Arts and Commerce and later she joined the prestigious Barry John Acting School to pursue her passion in the field of dramatics. New York Film Academy (NYFA) further sharpened Rekha’s acting talent.
“The journey to the Hindi movies has been quite encouraging. During a theatre show, I came in touch with Kumar Raj, director and producer. He gave me a breakthrough in movies. It just happened that my earlier movie ‘Tara’ too got recognised at several international movie festivals.”
The future plans of her include making music video albums. I have also done a music video ‘Bounce’ with hip hop star from Cameroon Stanley Enow, which is very interesting.
“After doing commercial movies also, I prefer to more movies that have a message and social responsibility. I am very fortunate to get opportunities that brought me international recognition. Coming to woman the way being portrayed in the Indian movies, Rekha said basically movies are meant for entertainment. It’s a big entertainment in India. Families watch movies for entertainment only. My latest movie Amina is totally different. It’s with a message and based on a real story. What I am doing is a small drop in ocean. If everyone contributes one drop of effort to contribute to the film industry, then creative there will be drastic change. I feel that everybody puts in one drop of creativity then it can really make a difference,” further says Rekha.
Rekha in 2010 was awarded the Best Actress Award at the Rangs Singapore Film Festival for her spectacular performance in the short film, ‘Take Care.’ Rekha is the brand ambassador for ‘Star NGO,’ a South African NGO, and she played a pivotal role in the ‘Save Our Women’ campaign.

Rekha advises budding actors not to get discourage by the people who talk negative, but to focus on what they want to do in the film industry. She believes in a fact that there is no replacement for hard work and advises to respect success when it comes too easily.
“Revealing her future plans, Rekha said that “In addition to doing good movies, I’ll also focus on making music albums. I have also done a music video ‘Bounce’ with hip hop star from Cameroon Stanley Enow.


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