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TSNewsToday, The first ever online news portal for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh State(s). Aims to establish itself as a credible news website in both the states by reaching out to its people and making their voices heard.

Our objective is to become an organ of governance by establishing ourselves as the fourth pillar of this newly formed governments, by encouraging people to utilize their freedom of expression.

TSNewsToday focuses on providing a keen view to the governance of the states, the policies and policy makers and acts as a watchdog to safeguard people’s interests.

We intend to look into people’s lives, their issues and provide a platform where those issues can be addressed and to provide the users a platform and an unbiased view of the happenings of the states with unblemished ethical standards.

TSNewsToday adorns a unique look and innovative news of myriad varieties besides enjoying the support of global viewership.

TSNewsToday is the brain child of Mr. Rajupate, An entrepreneur, who’s passion for journalism and desire to contribute to the society, guided him to establish this website with a bunch of young professionals. Mr.Rajupate is a philanthropist who is a member of numerous social welfare organizations.

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